What is Mental Performance Consulting?

Mental performance consulting aims to enhance individuals' mental and emotional capabilities to optimize performance in sports, business, academics, and the performing arts. Mental performance work is done with individuals, teams, coaches, parents, and organizations to help them develop and apply mental skills and strategies to achieve their goals and perform their best.

Mental performance consulting supports performers throughout their careers and can take many forms:

Mental Skills Training: Mental performance consultants help individuals develop and refine mental skills such as focus, concentration, goal setting, visualization, self-confidence, and emotional regulation. These skills are crucial for maintaining consistency and peak performance under pressure.

Performance Enhancement: Consultants work closely with athletes, performers, and professionals to identify areas where mental barriers or limitations may be hindering performance. They then provide strategies and techniques to overcome these challenges and enhance overall performance. This can include developing pre-competition routines and rituals to optimize readiness and focus before important events

Stress and Anxiety Management: Coping with stress, anxiety, and pressure is a significant aspect of performing, whether as an athlete, artist, or business person. Consultants teach relaxation techniques, stress management strategies, and mindfulness practices to help individuals stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations.

Team Dynamics: In team sports or group settings, mental performance consultants work to improve team cohesion, communication, and leadership skills to enhance overall group performance.

Injury Rehabilitation: Mental performance work is beneficial for athletes recovering from injuries. Consultants help individuals develop a productive mindset, set realistic recovery goals, and leverage psychological skills/research to support the rehabilitation process.

Finding Joy in Competition: Mental performance consultants often support athletes in finding fulfillment and pleasure in training and competing, especially when dealing with burnout and doubts about a future in the sport.

Life Transitions: Performance work can be helpful in supporting athletes in life transitions such as retiring from a sport.